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Bayern’s 10-day four-match, Tottenham’s 5-day three-match, Manchester City’s 13-day five-match...Affected by the epidemic, the new season’s matches have become more and more intensive, which gives players and club staff physically and Psychologically they have brought unprecedented challenges, and the arrangements on the schedule have made them exhausted.


In addition to consolidating their own interests, the Project Big Picture reform plan jointly planned by Liverpool and Manchester United, the proposal to cancel the Community Shield and the League Cup is also a way for the giants to reduce the intensive schedule. But obviously, mid- and lower-level league teams with damaged interests will not buy it. In the end, the plan was completely ruined after being rejected unanimously.


In fact, in addition to club games, the existence of international match days has exacerbated player fatigue. Before the outbreak of the epidemic, such an impact was deep in football. In August 2006, after the 2-0 victory over Blackburn, the then Chelsea coach Mourinho severely attacked the then French coach Domenech, who would have retired from the national team Marclay Lai Zheng recalled the national team and made a certain degree of "threat" to his career.

实际上,除了俱乐部比赛以外,国际比赛日的存在加剧了球员的疲劳感。在流行病爆发之前,这种影响在足球运动中是很深的。 2006年8月,在以2比0击败布莱克本的比赛中,当时的切尔西教练穆里尼奥严厉攻击了当时的法国教练多梅内克,后者本应从国家队退役的马克·赖·郑回忆起了国家队,并做出了一定程度的“威胁”对他的职业。

After 14 years have passed, similar situations continue. Not long ago, the confrontation between Mourinho and Southgate is still vivid, whether it is Jones or Kane, they have experienced such troubles. For the club, seeing its players flying thousands of miles away to participate in international competitions is full of huge uncertainty. In some cases, friendly matches of little significance or qualifiers that have been set in the overall situation will only increase the fatigue of the players and prolong their recovery time. Or, let them continue to play for the club without a complete recovery.


In modern football, the requirements for players' physical fitness and high-intensity running in the game have reached an unprecedented height, which makes the pace of the game faster and faster. At the same time, the players' bodies are also undergoing tests. Even if you accept the fact of recovery physically, it is difficult to adjust your game mentality in a short time. Compared with the past, players began to show their abilities at a younger age, accompanied by the premature aging of some of them, especially for low-level clubs with less developed training facilities and sports science.


Speaking of international competitions, if a player is injured in an international competition, FIFA’s Club Protection Program (CPP) will provide compensation to the club, with a maximum compensation of 7.5 million euros within 365 days. This upper limit is 20,548 euros per day. However, this money is not enough for a day's salary of a first-class star, or even not enough for the player's rehabilitation costs and the loss of the book value of future transfer fees after injury. Think about it, if the coach's most trustworthy player can't play because of an injury, this is the most tormenting moment for him.


According to FIFPro's At the Limit's report on the workload of the players, Sun Xingyun, Mane and Salah played a full 214 games in 2018. In order to participate in the national team competition, they traveled 260,000 kilometers, which is simply for them. Overdraft of professional life! In addition to Klopp and Mourinho, Guardiola also said: "The crazy schedule is killing our players! "It is true that the club wants their players to stay healthy in the game, and the fans want to see These excellent players always maintain a high level of performance. But as former Dortmund defender Subotic said, “Our career in this industry is very short, but we are affected by policies.” The implication is that it is imminent to reduce matches appropriately through policy changes. To give a simple example, if your next generation wants to "enjoy" the torment of three days and one game in their golden age, will you still let him stick to his football dream?


There are many reasons for reluctance to make changes. First of all, to make a highly commercialized project, the income generated by football matches cannot be ignored. The qualifying process means that every team has a chance to enter the finals. It also means that every national team has a vote for the next FIFA president. Candidates who break the current system and put small countries in a secondary position are tantamount to opening the door to their competitors. For the club, the loss of more than £4 billion in the European League in the next two years has also added numerous difficulties to the road to reform.


Not every player is like Ronaldo and Messi, who can maintain an amazing peak time. Just a few days ago, Van Dijk, who had not missed a Premier League game for two and a half years, suffered a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament and is expected to be reimbursed for the season. No one wants to see a similar situation happen again, but in fact how long can the players last? There is no way to know the answer. I just hope that the injuries can stay away from them and get through this difficult and special period!


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